About Us

I am delighted to welcome you to the Inclusive Multi Academy Trust. The Inclusive Multi Academy Trust was formed in November 2016 and is currently made up of three schools: Beechfield School, Cherry Tree School and Laurance Haines School. Our trust name ‘inclusive’ originates from the driving belief that many different types of people form our community and every single one of them should be treated fairly and equally so that they and their families can access a great education.


Our schools work together with shared leadership, expertise, resources and efficiencies and deliver an excellent education within a loving and nurturing environment. We see ourselves as a central community hub and strive to provide equal access to education, opportunities, resources and support for all.


As the Chief Executive of the Inclusive Multi Academy Trust, my role is one of overall leadership and accountability for the schools in the Trust. Alongside the Trust Board, the Headteachers and I are supported by dedicated Local Governing Committees, committed to developing innovative curriculums and empowering and delivering excellence within each of the local communities that we serve.


Whilst our schools work very closely together, each school in the Trust has its own personality, character and individual strengths. The communities that each school serves are unique and the talented and inspirational Headteachers who are responsible for the day to day leadership, management and organisation of the schools ensure that this individuality is celebrated. There is no blueprint for a school in the Inclusive Multi Academy Trust, instead we are a family of schools that share a philosophy. A family of schools that share a wealth of expertise: leaders, teachers and support staff. A family of schools that work together for the benefit of all children across the Trust. A family of schools that together are stronger than the sum of our individual parts. If you are interested in working within the Trust or are a school looking to find out more about us and the ways in which we can collaborate, please get in touch as we are looking forward to working in partnership with you.  



 James Roach

Chief Executive Officer