Join Our Trust

Joining a Multi Academy Trust, we believe, has huge benefits. By joining the Inclusive Multi Academy Trust you will be making a decision to strengthen your school community in a number of different ways:

  • Strong collaboration, with shared accountability, which can lead to better progress and attainment for pupils, and help schools meet rising expectations.
  • Access to an accredited pastoral provision that drives everything we do across the Trust.
  • School leaders and teachers sharing research, thinking and planning, to spread expertise and tackle challenges together and support one another.
  • Strong focus on CPD at all levels, with career pathways, training and mapped opportunities that can see staff truly develop their career across the Trust.
  • Shared professional development can more easily be arranged, whether led by staff from one of the partner schools or an outside body.
  • A highly strategic governance structure, ensuring that the business functions of school life are supported by skilled professionals and community minded boards who are able to come together to share strategic thinking, to combine skills and to support each other during challenging times.
  • Shared central services and expertise – with school leaders, financial and business staff and specialist experts being shared across more than one school, enabling schools access to a higher level of bespoke support.
  • The economies of scale and collective purchasing made possible within larger groups can help schools cope better with shrinking budgets.

We would love to discuss these benefits further and the impact they could make on your school.      If you are interested in joining our Trust please contact our Chair of Trustees, Elizabeth Leeman,    by email ( to arrange an informal meeting.

In the pamphlet below, Confederation of School Trusts chief executive Leora Cruddas CBE puts forward the case for the school trust, and a trust-based system. It attempts to set out why a trust-based system might be the best option for our sector, and explains why a group of schools working together in a school trust is so much more than simply the changing of the legal structure of the school.