Laurance Haines Children Clean Up River Colne

A fantastic community collaboration which is helping the local environment.

Watford Observer featured an article after Laurance Haines School's Year 3 children's educational trip with Sandi Belloni to clean up River Colne as part of ongoing environmentally-friendly initiatives and projects with the local community.

The article says "Children collected bags of rubbish – and a shopping trolley – from a river, fresh from picking up a green flag award for their environmental work.

Year 3 pupils at Laurance Haines School in Watford paid a visit to the River Colne where they found heaps of rubbish, a tyre, and a trolley.

They were out in force with their litter pickers this week, and it comes after the school picked up an eco award – which means a green flag now sits proudly in the school’s grounds in Vicarage Road.

The school’s eco leader, Monika Delginova, has driven the change and embedded eco lessons into the curriculum for pupils, which was acknowledged by head teacher Sebastian Gray who said it had inspired some of the children to join the Rivers Trust, which works to protect our rivers for both people and wildlife."

See the article here.