Trust Membership

Trustees and Members 2018/19 

Name Role Term of office Responsibility
Jill Steward Member 05/10/16 to 04/10/20  
Carley Holliman Member 05/10/16 to 04/10/20  
Becky Blackstaffe Member & Trustee 05/10/16 to 04/10/20  
Andrew Chappell Trustee 20/09/17 to 19/09/21  
James Roach Trustee & CEO N/A  
Jonathan Hartley Member  05/10/16 to 04/10/20  
Liz Leeman Trustee 09/02/17 to 08/02/21 Vice Chair
Richard Jones Trustee &  Chair 05/10/16 to 04/10/20 Chair 
Sharon Carlyon Company Secretary, CFO and COO N/A Company Secretary, COO CFO
Jessie Bruce Trustee 20/09/17 to 19/09/21  
Emma Lad Trust Clerk    

Previous Trustee/Members in post over the last twelve months:

Member/Trustee Name Role Term of Office
Roger Gibbs Trustee and Member 05/10/2016 to 06/05/2018